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Your tongue can talk a pretty big game, but have you ever checked it out in the mirror? If you are yet to have a perv, you certainly will now. If there is any ailment lingering internally, this is where you’ll find its first response, prior to your consult with Doctor Google.

Putting your tongue on show is mostly adopted by Ayurvedic and Chinese medicine practices. Both believe it is a strong instrument for diagnosis and determining the state of one’s health as the surface coating represents the exterior manifestation, which corresponds to the sustaining disease, and is the primary indication for the diagnosis making.


Righto, what am I looking for here?


The tongues veil will exhibit enzymatic production and salivary secretion, and directly reflects digestive processes and the functioning of the stomach, spleen, intestines, liver, gallbladder, kidneys, and urinary bladder – what a performance our tongue puts on for us.


Picture perfect health.


A healthy rig will possess a pale red tongue body, supple in shape, with a uniform surface, and zero cracks, ridges or scalloping of the sides. The coating will be a thin white/yellowish shade and the tongue should be stable. Whatta babe of a tongue.


A thick white coating.


Cue candidiasis, this is a yeast infection, most often seen on the tongue and/or the palate in the oral cavity. It is a fungal infection that normally occurs as an opportunistic infection. Thus, mostly found in people that have low immunity.


Brown Fur.


This would indicate gastrointestinal tract (GIT) disturbances i.e., poor digestion, triggered by the stomach, liver, or gallbladder, heavy tobacco use, low fluid intake, a history of mouth breathing, and bad oral hygiene. If it is a dirty fur, this would indicate sepsis of the blood, which occurs when chemicals are released into the bloodstream to combat infection and produce inflammation amongst your form.


Black Hairy Tongue.


Things are starting to turn a little ominous now. A black tongue is triggered by tobacco use, particular antibiotics, chemotherapy, and radiation treatment for cancers of the neck and head, and poorly managed diabetes.


Geographic Tongue.


Also famed as Benign Migratory Glossitis is due to a nutritional deficiency particularly in B vitamins and is often seen in borderline anorexia. The coating of the tongue almost resembles a world map due to its red and white patch work that stretches across the tongues surface. The lesions may transfer around the tongue and almost appear like someone has taken baby scoops out it. Yum.


Upon closer inspection.


Tongue Moisture.

The moisture on the tongue also provides an intricate map inside the intestinal tract. If your tongue is dry, there is a lack of digestive juices in the intestinal tract, and your digestive system is unable to work at its optimum.


Let it be known that certain foods, beverages, and stimulants can also impact the colour of your tongue and its coating as well as temperature.


Body Signs.

If your tongue is wider than norm, this could indicate psychological disturbances i.e., stress, anxiety or a conniption is on the rise.


If that pup is quivering, then you’ve got yourself an over-active nervous system and a potential magnesium deficiency. Time to douse yourself in some much needed maggy.


Thick, swollen, or flabby? This would indicate fluid retention/oedema, liver dysfunction, general lack of energy, weakness, or fatigue. This could also signify hypothyroidism.


Who knew that tongue of ours could communicate oh so much without uttering a single word.