We bridge the gap between and taboo and wellness. We dive in headfirst and crack open the unthinkable. We are inquisitive and disruptive - nothing is off limits around here. We believe that wellness is a journey and that health should come from a non-judgmental place.

A note from the face behind Cohere

I’m Georgia Forsyth, nutritionist and the founder of Cohere. I have two degrees under my belt, one of which is a Bachelor of Health Science in Nutrition. Upon completion, I knew I wanted something different for the wellness industry because I was different. I am most definitely not a wholesome nutritionist. I can’t promote perfection, but I can certainly guarantee intrigue.

This is also why I made an audacious pivot and welcomed Roommate, a clitoral suction sex enhancer and my first wild child. She has undoubtedly been my hardest push, but I wanted something disruptive, and in alignment with Cohere as well as my beliefs that surround health. I believe that self-pleasure plays such a pivotal role in our wellbeing. That big O induces a deeper slumber, aids digestion, boosts immunity, decreases stress levels, and quite frankly there is a nothing like a good maz to put the pep back in the step.

For someone who has been in and out of connections, my vibrator has always come to my aid and helped me let go of any toxicity as well as strengthening my relationship with thyself. I am a sucker for gourmet sex, I won’t put up with junk food sex, and there is no need when Roommate can do all the heavy lifting for you, sans the emotional hangover – I knew other women needed this as much as I did.

This journey has been a real pinch me mo’. My younger self would never have dreamt that she would one day provide not only nutritional support, but orgasms to women on the daily – it’s a pretty great gig.

Sending you all my love, a pash, and a fat thank you for your ongoing support.

G x

To create a sense of homeostasis within thyself, we need to embrace the good with the bad, the angel and the devil, and surrender to the notion that we can be mutually inclusive because once we combine these polarities, we become cohere.