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He has just shot his shot, in and around, and the big Os are combusting. What a finale. Someone pop the confetti already.


As time accelerates, south of the waist starts to bring forth some itchy, red, swollen action. There is a dash of hives, or perhaps even a rash, dare I say, nasal congestion, sneezing, eye irritation – the usual suspects that arise when someone has an allergic reaction. What the what! Am I allergic to his effing semen?


Human seminal plasma (HSP) hypersensitivity is defined as a spectrum of systemic and/or localised symptoms after exposure to specific protein components in seminal plasma aka semen. Famed as an under-detected women’s health issue and the reason being, there are common signs and symptoms which hold semblance to an infection such as STI, BV, and thrush.


Women with systemic HSP hypersensitivity present with symptoms of facial, tongue, lip and throat angioedema, hives, wheezing with severe dyspnoea, nausea, vomiting, diarrhoea, general malaise, and in the most extreme circumstance, life-threatening hypotension, loss of consciousness, and complete circulatory failure that occurs within 30 minutes after exposure to seminal fluid – his potent elixir really packs a bloody punch.


If you are getting gloved up prior to participation, then this can also be triggering symptoms of unease south of the waist and yonder due to a sensitivity or allergy to the latex. While we’re here, the finger can also be pointed at lube and ‘intimate washes’.


What does one do now?


This can be managed alongside your GP and a good ol’ skin prick test might be the first cab off the rank in terms of testing. This involves placing a small amount of semen extract on your skin and pricking or scratching the area to see if there’s a reaction.


In the interim, it’s all about trial and error. Take a break from the semen, if you are not wearing a condom, then now is the time to rubber up. You’ll be able to know whether it’s the latex or his love juice that are triggering your symptoms or if is indeed something else.


This can be a very difficult time when trying to conceive, but not all hope is lost. Allergy shots, prophylactic antihistamines, and other desensitisation treatments are on offer.