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Squirting. What a privilege it is to be able to do such a thing. Some turn their noses up and suggest that the nature of the love juice is predominantly urine. What they do not realise is that this slippery nectar is part of the female ejaculation, often brought on by the G spot orgasm – the Holy Grail.


Squirting 101

So who do we need to talk to get this waterslide flowing? Ask Skene. The Skene’s Glands are a set of glands, located on the anterior wall of the vagina, near the urethra and G spot. The Skene’s fill with fluid during sexual arousal, and if stimulated during sexual arousal, sex, or masturbation, will release a well-earned potent elixir, via the urethra. This can be in teaspoon form or cups full. To be honest a soaked bed is preferable.


Am I peeing?

A ‘squirt’ is indeed made up of a smidgen of involuntary emission of urine during sexual activity, however, there is also a contribution of prostatic secretions, which is actually found in semen. Who knew? There is a difference between emptying your bladder entirely and experiencing the sensation of potentially wanting to give way. This is when the magic happens. However, we understand that when a large amount of lubricating fluid is dispersed, once vaginally stimulated, it can be deceiving and mistaken for urine. If you are in possession of an empty bladder at the end of your session it may very well be coital urinary incontinence – the involuntary loss of urine during coitus (sexual intercourse). This is something to be mindful of.


ALL vagina owners have the ability to squirt, it’s not just for unicorns, and any man that is not intrigued by the enigmatic existence, that is squirting, is forced to take an educated hike. Make it rain, ladies.