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Ladies and gents gather round, there’s a new health shot in town! It’s a little bit spicy, rich in vital nutrients, and completely free of charge. Likely a frigid topic for some, but we think perhaps you should just ‘get down,’ because taboo as it may be, at Cohere we’re all about facts, and in this case the proof is in the pudding.

Laying it down thick.

Research suggests that there is an average of 0.04 micrograms/ml of zinc in human semen. Zinc is a vital mineral that not only supports immune function and aids in gut motility, it is also the cornerstone for luscious locks, glowing skin, and healthy nails; the archetypical beauty trifecta that we all crave. Ladies, if that’s not enough of a sell, we don’t know what is. Semen is also rich in protein, glucose, and fructose, vitamins, and minerals such as calcium, copper, potassium, and magnesium.

Given the organic dosage of this somewhat unorthodox health regime, nutrient values will of course vary dependent on the man in question. Factors such as their dietary habits, age bracket, lifestyle choices, physical activity, and metabolism will all play a part in their salubriousness. Variances can also arise due to some males being reproductively challenged or if they’ve had a vasectomy, which studies have shown decreased amounts of zinc. Forgive us for the gory detail however it is worth mentioning that the amount ejaculated also has an effect on nutritional intake.

Since we’ve well and truly overstepped the line of virtuous decorum we might as well go the whole nine yards because, as we alluded to earlier, at Cohere we’re all about facts, and so whilst we aim to arm you with some goodies, we feel it’s important to debunk the bullshit too and rumour has it that when it comes to facials, few can compete with this zesty home job. That’s right! Apparently, in addition to its inner health support, semen has topical benefits too. With anti-aging properties and the ability to reduce the appearance of acne. Oh how we wish this were true, it seems we’d have a plethora of ‘glows’ post-session – and think of the cosmetic savings! Anywho, myth busted.

Whilst some may argue that there is minute nutritional value in ‘swallowing,’ we say why the hell not add a little extra boost in vitamins and minerals; not to mention your sex life!? On that note, we do have a couple of suggestions for the boys. If you want to motivate us to head south a little more often, then we suggest you heed our advice and up the nutritional potency of your source. Here’s our tips. Implement a healthy wholefoods diet that is rich in antioxidants, fiber, and fatty acids. This should include berries, greens, citrus fruits, orange and red vegetables, wholegrains, nuts and seeds, and seafood. You should also consider incorporating daily exercise (beyond the bedroom, which we’re willing to bet will positively increase activity in this department too – win, win!), canning the fags, reducing your booze intake, and any other naughty consumables that find their way into your orifices. This will help to improve sperm quality and dare we say, an improvement in taste. Yes, we went there.

** It must also be mentioned that swallowing this potent elixir may carry with it, a pesky STD. This is something to be mindful of if you are having fun with multiple special someone’s.