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Ahh, that elusive femme orgasm that we all know and crave. Some can reach it just about every time they climb aboard, whilst for others, it is a more complex endeavour, but did you know that there was more than one we could be striving for? They say good things come in threes and we couldn’t agree more.


Lady Clitoris


The clitoral orgasm is like a little preview of what’s to come. Pun most definitely intended. For a female, this is foreplay, her warm-up, if you will, and the most common orgasm women experience. The majority of females can orgasm from clitoral stimulation via manual labour, sex toys, or when their partner takes a trip south. Although, for some, they think this is the end of the line. Fret not, this is only your entrée.

G marks the spot

Main Course

The G spot orgasm is the big ‘O’ of orgasms. This is the internal orgasm we all desire. The G spot is located internally underneath the pubic bone. If you have a little rummage, lift upwards toward your belly button. This is where the magic happens and the juices start to flow cue squirting – that magical potent elixir. There is a controversy that surrounds this mystique orgasm, however, allow us permission to squash this as all vagina owners can experience the G spot orgasm. This is absolute.


The cervical orgasm


The ‘hallelujah’ of orgasms. This baby is a little harder to reach but well worth the extra mile. Anatomically it is located at the lowermost portion of the uterus, it connects the vagina and the uterus. The doggy-style position welcomes this orgasm with open arms. If the PENI15 club is not present then lest we forget those finger puppets. The cervical orgasm is an intense one as it celebrates the utmost of pleasure so tears and laughter are very much welcome as well as big energy shifts. Strap yourself in.


Dare we say, it may be time for a little upgrade from lady clitoris.