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Feeling puffy upon rising?  Didn’t catch enough winks last night? It’s time to take a trip to Iceland.

Icing the face is a cryotherapy treatment in which the skin is exposed to immensely cold temperatures for several minutes. Rolling said ice cube over the money-maker will de-puff, stimulate blood circulation, soothe redness, brighten skin, and lift the skin.

Research suggests that focused cold therapy is an effective, safe non-toxic alternative to popular wrinkle-reducing treatments to eliminate facial hyper-dynamic lines. HOLD THE TOX FOLKS.


What do I do exclamation point.

There are two ways you can approach this –

You can do this upon rising to wake tf up and de-puff pronto


Incorporate into your skincare routine post-cleanser.


In a circular motion, glide the chilly bad boy over your face and neck. Target those eye bags by sliding the cube from the inner eye corners up towards the brow in a circular motion. Sculpt those cheekbones by working that frozen cube from the centre of the chin along the jawline to the earlobe, then upward towards the highs of the cheekbones, under-eye region, and across the forehead. All in an upwards motion.

Repeat the massage for 5 minutes to get the firming, contouring effect. Once per day is suffice.


Complimentary side note – if redness is a problem, throw the frozen cube in your chopper and apply it to the roof of your mouth. The roof of our mouth houses receptors, which when cooled restrict the blood vessels that lead to the face (you are so welcome and can thank me later). 


The morning ice facial will have you feeling primed and ready to carpe diem. Now pick up your ice cube and get to work, it’s time to get chill.