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Well, we can certainly feel it pressed up against our back as the sun rises but what actually causes him to rise? Nocturnal penile tumescence (NPT) is the official term used to describe these sunrise salutations and refers to erections that occur during sleep sans the sexual stimulation.

Men typically experience up to 5 erections throughout their slumber each night. They occur during the REM stage of sleep, when sympathetic stimulation, also known as the fight or flight stage shifts to parasympathetic stimulation aka rest and digest, creating a nerve response that causes an erection.


Pitching a tent.


In order to pitch a tent, one needs a sufficient amount of testosterone-induced nitric oxide in the smooth muscle of the penile arterial wall. If there is no morning glory, this could indicate an imbalance in testosterone levels.


Additionally, if a full bladder is present then this can also explain the woody entrance due to the added pressure on the nerves of the spine. Whichever the case, this doesn’t mean that the PEN15 club is necessarily ready to make the bedrock even though their hard-on indicates otherwise but ultimately the choice is yours, climb aboard and take advantage or hit the snooze button.