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What better way to close out the year than with mercury going retrograde, because 2023 hasn’t been chaotic enough? It’s as if the planets are the writers of our lives and we are in season 6, and they just need to start making ridiculous things happen to keep shit interesting.


Alas, it is our final shove to the finishing line, and we may as well go out with a bang and ring in 2024 with renewed zest and forward motion.


Kick-off is the 13th of December in the lively sign of Sagittarius, and this will last until January 1st, 2024, ending in conscientious Capricorn. However, you may have been feeling the effects of this moonwalk since November the 25th, right through to the 20th of January – the ol’ girl needs time to regain her inner strength, just like we all do, post-merry season.


Just quietly, what does mercury retrograde mean again?


Mercury holds sway over communication, technology, and decision-making. When this celestial messenger decides to ricochet, it’s akin to hitting the pause button on clear thinking, smooth conversations, and glitch-free gadgets. The celestial switchboard may get a bit tangled, leading to emails vanishing into a cosmic void, premature clicks on the send button adorned with grammatical errors, texts transforming into cryptic poetry, flight delays or cancellations, misunderstandings with friends and lovers, and the unexpected appearance of your ex at your doorstep.


Therefore, during Mercury’s celestial tango, exercise caution when entering contracts, steer clear of technological acquisitions, temporarily halt crucial decision-making, refrain from initiating new projects, approach technology and communication tools with scepticism, and think twice before welcoming that persistent ex or lover back into your life. Since communication takes centre stage, be mindful of mid-conversation mishaps that may trigger hasty offence. Remember to hit the pause button, take a fleeting moment to reflect, and then articulate your thoughts. Your future self will undoubtedly express gratitude for your cosmic mindfulness.


What to expect?


As mentioned, this transit begins in Sagittarius, think energetic, spontaneous, and bold. You might notice a surge of excitement and a willingness to throw caution to the wind in the concluding weeks of the year. You become more inclined to take risks, thanks to this newfound daring spirit. Initially, the boost in confidence is invigorating, but exercise caution not to jeopardise your hard-earned achievements for momentary excitement as Mercury Retrograde later traverses through Capricorn and you may feel momentary burnout.


When we move into Capricorn territory, think ambition, which is a trait we can welcome with open arms as we commence 2024, conversely, you’ll be pondering your career and any hindrances to your career goals. Grab 2023 by the balls as you pivot towards the possibilities of this sparkly New Year and its untapped potential. Take stock of all the shenanigans that 2023 threw your way, especially in the realm of your career. The end is nye folks.


2024, we’re ready for you.