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Sugar followed us around the school playground like a stage five clinger, they picked us up when we fell down and have barely left our side since. We’ve all fallen victim to its moreish allure and these days it is a miracle if we can make it to 3pm without a sweet treat hitting our lips, and dare we say, dessert, not to mention seconds.


Why must we desire such a sugary trip.


Research suggests that a lot of us feel compelled to eat sweet foods, similar in some ways to how an alcoholic might feel compelled to drink. When we eat sugar, it increases our neurotransmitter, dopamine, our ‘feel good’ hormone, which also acts as our reward system. This same hormone mimics the same response with drug and alcohol addiction.


When we consume simple carbohydrates, which are found in processed foods i.e., chocolate, white rice and pasta, pastries, ice-cream, lollies, and soft drinks, this delectable array will enter the bloodstream at a rapid pace, causing a spike in blood sugar levels. The pancreas produces insulin, a hormone which will prompt the cells to absorb the blood sugar for energy or storage. Due to their simple chemical structure, we’ll be presented with an extraordinary high and then dropped, like a sack of potatoes. Rinse and repeat. We can almost see the resemblance with fuckboy.


Contributing culprits include not catching enough winks of an evening, emotional eating, long intervals between bites, nutrient depletion, undereating, dieting or eating carbohydrates without a protein or fat.


How do I lose the stage five clinger.


They say (Dr. Google) it takes 21 days to form a new habit, however, research suggests that it takes 10 weeks to form and implement new habitual behaviour. Sounds ominous and long – yes, your feelings are completely validated. Although, once sugar has left the party, you won’t yearn, you’ll only reminisce when it’s on your terms as you control the cookie.


We’re not asking you to eliminate sugar altogether because that would be a crying shame, but rather, implement healthy substitutions that satiate sans the speedy sugar high.


Suggestion box? Replace your kit-kat break for a protein-rich snakett for example, a piece of fruit such as, a green apple or a banana dipped in peanut butter, with a sprinkling of cinnamon. Pairing your fruit with a healthy fat will help stabilise your blood sugar levels, and cinnamon is known for doing the same– whatta combo. A cute homemade bliss ball, veggie sticks with hummus, a boiled egg with some sexy spices, or ½ cup of Greek or coconut yoghurt and a tablespoon of nut butter, alongside some berries.  This healthy crowd will stabilise your blood sugar levels, lessen your cravings, and keep you fuller for longer.


Food cravings, particularly for simple carbohydrates can trigger relapse and impulsive eating, which leads to a vicious cycle of self-medication with sweet foods that can result in weight gain. You decide what goes in and around your mouth. If you think you are overindulging or want to lose that extra cheer, then we suggest you slowly put the choco down and head for the veggie patch.