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The roommate you never knew you needed.

Those finger puppets have put on a wonderful performance but enough of the manual labour. It’s time we let someone else polish the pearl.

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For the shy, the advanced, or even the couple looking to invite a third to the party, this is a roommate that you will want to stick around. She loves to get wet, so show her to the shower. She will lay with you on the couch until it is time to take a trip south. You may think she is pint-sized but she packs a quiet punch.

Roommate is a clitoral suction sex enhancer. Some might say a vibrator but we aren’t into terms and labels. With ten intensities and variations, she has a rhythm for all tangos. A true multi-tasker, she oscillates while providing a gentle suction to that orgasm button. Let’s see a mere human perform that magic trick.

6 reviews for Roommate

  1. Georgia

    Deeply obsessed. 1 minute and you are shaking life a leaf. A bucket and mop will be needed.

  2. Keely

    Ok ladies, do yourself a lockdown favour and gift yourself a Roommate. This product is like NOTHING else I have ever experienced and exceeded all my expectations. It’s waterproof, super comfy to hold, the charge lasts forever and will leave you shaking like a leaf (in the most satisfying way possible.) Tell your friends, tell your Mum, send an all staff email, shout it from the god damn rooftops, everyone lucky enough to have a clit needs the Roommate in their life. Oh also, it looks so chic it could almost be classed as home decor.

  3. Jen

    WOW. Just wow!!

  4. April

    I can’t live without my roommate! Send me to Roommates anonymous

  5. Dani

    Roommate has brought a new level of spark into my Life! I love that she’s travel size so I can take her anywhere, I love How sexy and sleek she is, and she gives me endless O’s!
    Everyone needs roommate in their life. The perfect addition to your realms of pleasure!

  6. Nat (verified owner)

    amazing – roommate Opened my world up to the big o. she’s super chic and speaks my language. highly recommended!

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