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Magique mushies have been really working the room and it appears they are here to stay. If they are not yet part of your wellness repertoire then it is time to get acquainted. If you have ghosted these funky fungi, it is time to get reacquainted. Winter is here as well as its stage five clingers – sniffles, cold, flu, influenza, covid et al. Every single bastard that was not on winter’s guestlist yet managed to charm their way through. You know how it goes, one dance with the White Lady and we’re all reaching for the Kleenex.

Shrooms act as an adaptogen, which help your body adapt to physical, chemical, and biological stressors i.e., anxiety, illness, pollution, and exercise. Not gonna lie, the taste is a little hey, how’s ya father when taken solely on their own, however, I assure you the benefits far outweigh the potent flavour. It is encouraged to mix them with your favourite elixir, soup, or smoothie. You’ve been warned.


Cordyceps has a long history of use as a lung and kidney tonic, and for the treatment of chronic bronchitis, asthma, tuberculosis, and other diseases of the respiratory system by reducing inflammation. Wave goodbye to unwanted coughs and phlegm.

At the other end of the spectrum, it can also enhance your libido. You’ll be shaking like a leaf in no time whilst showing off your new lung capacity to the neighbours. Match made in heaven if you ask me.


Inonotus obliqus, famously known as a workout for the immune system, as well as an elite antioxidant, which supports the ageing process by restoring oxidative damage to cells.

This pup will help you simmer right down and fight off any colds and flu that are on the brink.


Also known as lingzhi when he’s at home, possesses a strong anti-inflammatory function and is tied to longevity, better immune function, mental clarity as well as tackling blood glucose levels. It assists with adding some much-needed winks at night and helps to reduce any upcoming conniptions.

Research adds that there is a strong link between the gut microbiota and treatment with reishi due to the prebiotic value of the shroom, and its increase in bacterial flora. Additionally, Chinese tradition refers to reishi as the “the lucky fungus” for its power to alleviate conditions such as arthritis, insomnia, and chest tightness.

Lion’s Mane

Aka hericium erinaceus is an antimicrobial and has the ability to enhance your immune system by reducing inflammation and preventing oxidation. As a result, improves cognitive function, mood, and energy levels.

Research suggests that it can be a complementary and alternative medicine for the treatment of depression.


Also known as lentinula edodes is cultivated for both its culinary and medicinal qualities. This cute shroom is antiviral, anti-inflammatory, and rich in beta-glucans, which protect against cell damage, boost white cell production for fighting off microbes and therefore enhances immunity. Next time you are racing around the supermarket, grab a handful and go.


Not all heroes wear capes.